Guillermo’s Vision

Guillermo Pauccar Calcina, an indigenous Q’ero, knows he cannot stop the corporate and government-sponsored environmental destruction in his remote village of Esparilla, but he hopes that with a realistic, and workable plan, he can insulate his village from the worst of modernization.

His mission is to not only preserve the natural beauty and environmental health of Esparilla, but to share and safeguard the ancient culture of the Q’ero before it is lost like so many other indigenous cultures.

Guillermo’s vision is to build an ecolodge in AntiPukara, where visitors can learn Andean wisdom, discover the value of medicinal plants, and unwind from the hectic, modern world. Instead of destroying his civilization, Guillermo hopes the Peruvian government’s unavoidable new dirt road will bring opportunities to preserve the Q’ero culture.

AntiPukara Ecolodge

We envision the ecolodge as a residential training and healing center where visitors can learn Andean, Earth-based wisdom and heal themselves from the stress-induced illnesses of postmodern living. The site was chosen by Q’ero community members, and is located at the last stronghold of Inka Pauccar in a remote region bordered by cloud forests and high Andean mountains.

The ecolodge will be built by Q’ero, sustained by Q’ero, and of direct benefit to the Q’ero and their visitors. We need your help to get this project started.

How You Can Get Involved:

We will organize opportunities to visit the site starting in 2017-18. Work-study opportunities will be available after 2018.

How You Can Help:

  • Phase I requires $6,000 US for tools and food, and to pay local workers.
  • Phase II requires $18,000 US for the restoration of ruined Incan walls and trails, and for construction of the main buildings’ foundation.
  • Phase III is the construction, using mostly local materials, of the buildings. The greatest costs will occur at this phase. We will publish the architectural design and updated plan as soon as possible.

Your donation will greatly help cover expenses for workers, supplies, and building materials.

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